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Funko Announces Heath Ledger The Joker Soda Figure

Funko Heath Ledger The Joker Funko Soda Vinyl Figure

Funko announces Heath Ledger The Joker Funko Soda Figure

Funko announced a few exciting new products in their Funko Soda line today. One of the most exciting of those announcements for me, was The Joker Funko Soda. It's not just any Joker, though. It's the version I consider the definitive version of the DC Comics most iconic villain: The Joker from The Dark Knight played by Heath Ledger.

The Funko Soda line is a relatively new line that features a a 4.25 inch vinyl figure housed in a collectible Soda can. No, there is no actual soda inside. Additionally, there's a collectible pog that tells you if you have the common or the chase and your chances of both.

The Joker Funko Soda is limited to just 20,000 pieces so this will most likely sell out very quickly. For the Chase variant, you will have a 1 in 6 chance of picking up that rare guy, who will definitely be a sought after collectors item.

You can buy The Joker Funko Soda now at Entertainment Earth, but hurry before it sells out!


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