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A New Wave of Golden Girls Funko POPs Are Coming!

A new wave of Golden Girls Funko POPs are coming and they're in their iconic bowling outfits!

So I've talked numerous times about how many good memories The Golden Girls bring back for me. Watching it with my Mom-Mom when I was a kid (and an adult) forged lifelong memories of the show and of her. So when I heard a new wave of Golden Girls Funko POPs are coming and the ladies are in their iconic bowling outfits, I just about passed out in excitement!

There's been a ton of awesome Golden Girls merchandise in the last few years including Golden Girls Funko POP Pins, and a slew of other cool Golden Girls merchandise. Now, Funko has announced a second wave of Golden Girls Funko POPs and they are....well, golden!

Based on the classic episode "The Competition", which was the 7th episode in the first season of The Golden Girls, the Funko POPs feature Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia in their bowling outfits featured in the show. The episode found our favorite ladies relationships tested when they enter a bowling tournament.

This new wave of Golden Girls Funko POPs feature all four ladies in their outfits from the beloved episode, with Blanche, Rose and Sophia in their matching bowling league outfits and Dorothy in her very own unique bowling outfit.

So there you have it, Pop Culture Weekers! A new wave of Golden Girls Funko POPs to look forward to! What do you think? Let's talk about it!


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